Electricity Price API

We compile and format price, regulatory, and fuel mix data from over 1000+ utilities into a usable API.

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Measure Electrical Grid Efficiency and Much More via a Single API

We help organizations evaluate electricity pricing options.

Deep Data

Energy data is scattered and changes-sometimes monumentally- on a minute by minute basis. Watt pricer digitizes electric pricing data + meta data that is national, local, and even individualized.

Supplemental Data

The electric market is new and continues to severely change by several changing factors. Watt Pricer will centralize state and federal bill updates, long term weather forecasts, commodity prices, market news, power substation map and more to help users make forward thinking, full informed decisions.

Sweet Catalogue

Watt pricer efficiently displays electricity and tariff data across more than one thousand sources and packages into one easy-to-use API that updates in real time and with histories going back up to 20 years.

Our API is Built for Real-World Applications

Watt pricer enables low latency access to historical electrical price data for any individual site or use case. We ingest and process data from 1K+ sources across the globe and present it in a self-explanatory, comprehensive, and customizable format. Request our case study on the sustainability of a crypto mining service.

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Our REST API provides predictable resource-oriented data points, accepts form-encoded requests, and returns user-friendly JSON-encoded responses. Our standard response codes can be used by data scientists/application developers alike to build complex applications and process conditional requests.

Our docs cover everything you need, including...

Quickstart guide
Example responses
Authentication setup guide
Multi-language code snippets
Troubleshooting guide
Frequently Asked Questions

Wattpricer is perfect for


Many energy API’s standardize pricing in an industry that is majority deregulated and with countless user specific variables. Your data can’t afford to be off by 20% let alone 200%. Watt Pricer stands out by not making assumptions and displaying the full spectrum of electric costs by specific location and with customizable parameters.

Energy consultants

Do you waste time downloading and digesting data? Watt pricer can save your firm hours and help your clients with centralized electric information. Watt pricer can be labeled with your firms branding and send out automated market updates to your clients.

Crypto mining and Data storage

Most neighbors do not pay the same price for electricity. And Electricity just may be a crypto mining company or data storage facility's biggest cost! See the granular differences on electric charges to make sure you are computing in a smart location and at the best possible price.

Hedge fund

The electricity is a significant cost for many businesses and the electric market is erratic. Watt Pricer could be a valuable tool in finding investment or trading opportunities.

Real estate

Watt Pricer makes extra emphasis to capture the local and granular nuances of electric prices, fees, and taxes. Have a full understanding so you can accurately forecast utility expenses and net operating income. Additionally, Our API also assesses sustainability.

Ag Tech and cultivators

Electricity can be half of a cultivator’s costs. Use Watt pricer to see the full spectrum of potential costs associated with any specific potential property. Watt Pricer can also help your cultivator understand local infrastructure to see if there will be a (costly) need for system upgrades.

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