Get Electricity Price Data

Just one API for real-time, categorized, electricity price data from 1,000+ utility companies from all over the world.

Watt Pricer Is Perfect for....

Data Scientists

We provide clean, actionable and correctable data for data scientists and developers.

Crypto Mining Teams

Our proprietary API helps in assessing sustainability of crypto mining operations.

Hedge Funds

Our unique datasets help in optimising investment decisions for hedge funds across sectors.

Measure Electrical Grid Efficiency and Much More via a Single API

We help organizations the world over see their options for energy prices and sources all through one simple API

Price Data

Simply provide a ZIP code, address, or coordinates and gain access to electricity prices in any specified currency or watt hour equivalent along with the energy source.

Normalized Approach

We normalize electricity data across 1k+ sources and put it into one easy-to-use API that can be used to measure grid efficiency and price transparency. Prices updated daily, with histories going back up to 20 years.


Different utilities and governments report electricity metadata such as source energy (solar, wind, etc.), stock feed, as well as the utility company providing the electricity. We'll show you this data in a standardized format.



Our REST API provides predictable resource-oriented data points, accepts form-encoded requests, and returns user-friendly JSON-encoded responses. Our standard response codes can be used by data scientists/application developers alike to build complex applications and process conditional requests.

Our docs cover everything you need, including...

Quickstart guide
Example responses
Authentication setup guide
Multi-language code snippets
Troubleshooting guide
Frequently Asked Questions

Use Case #1,203: Combine WattPricer with Google Maps

The World’s Electricity at Your fingertips

See how human civilization gets its power,

See how the cost of that energy has changed over time,

Pick and choose how much or how little information you want,

all with one intuitive API interface.


Your Pressing Energy Questions Answered

Get all the info you need to build apps and workflows that answer questions like....

What are the quickest ways for your community to shift to renewable energy?

How sustainable is your Bitcoin mining rig’s cash flow?

How reliant is your Ethereum rig on fossil fuels?

What is the carbon footprint of your electric car?

How does your city’s grid compare to others?

Our API Is Built for Real-World Applications

It enables low latency access to desired historical electrical price data for any zip code. We ingest and process granular data from 1K+ sources across the globe and present it in a self-explanatory, comprehensive format. Request our case study on the sustainability of a crypto mining service.


Greater Coverage, Greater Data Variety, Completely Customisable

Data from 1K+ sources, normalised across regions, currencies and zip codes. Customize it however you want for ingesting, correlating and analyzing. Organisations and individuals alike can optimise their electricity utility strategies and investment decisions that hinge on the accuracy and precision of electricity price data.